to help build a more independently thinking Human.

Shakespeare ~ GOD told me I could do it.

Do not go quietly into the night . . . raise hell till the end.

You have to make peace with your maker . . .
I wasn't aware that we quarreled.

Thoughts & Deeds

Thoughts & Deeds
A Man has no character no soul no life apart from his thoughts & deeds. What they are that he is. As they are modified so does he change. He is endowed with Will & can modify his character.

Each Man is responsible for the thoughts which he thinks and the acts which he does for his state of mind & the life which he lives.


Always Approach Life From The Heart. Complete Pureness. Challenging & Absolutely Necessary.

Any emotion outside of Love is not self. The only feeling is from the Heart & the Release of Love. It's Truth. If your feeling anything outside of this reality it is not you.

Your heart brain is your true self. That voice inside your mind is something totally different than your higher-self.

A Bridge between Our Souls & Hearts.

It Only Takes One Strong Spirit To Be Free.
Realize that the mind is not you. Your living with it, co-habitants of the body.

It the ego that determines heaven or hell, health or non health, happiness or darkness.

We are all responsible to heal our relationship with life.

Universal Creator's Plan For Man

Universal Creator's plan for Man is for humanity to achieve it's own destiny in the light of it's own soul. By the power of it's own developing capacity.